Meet the tea pickers of Sri Lanka

The mountainous region, in the south of Sri Lanka, is totally different from the rest of the country. The lush green landscape, is enameled with jade colored tea plantations, while high-altitude forests are clinging to jagged mountains and streaked with waterfalls. The climate meanwhile offers a much cooler temperature, surprising in such a tropical country.

The road from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya climbs with a vertical drop of almost 1,400 meters winding through the plantations, we are here in the heart of Ceylon tea. Today, we visited the third largest producer; Sri Lanka is nicknamed, “The Island of tea” and produces one of the best varieties in the world. Estates, all British sounding, succeed and are alike. This morning, the dawning light reveals the most exquisite reflections, colors and reliefs of green plantations, shady nooks around factories or shimmering saris pickers crossed along the roads.

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Your scented travel memories: Ella

“We had been sitting on the train to Ella for a couple of hours. Riding through the mountains, through the villages, through the several train stops. One of the most relaxing train rides you will able be in. A feast to the eyes if I may say so. Beautiful. The windows and doors on the train are all open allowing for the warm breeze to blow through all the cabins and carts. I sat by the one of the doors of the train, my feet hanging out from the floor, my hands extended touching the trees and shrubs. I closed my eyes and it almost felt like I was flying.

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Visit of a tea plantation in Guilin

The last stop of my journey; Guilin. It is a large Chinese city, like an organized bazaar, with its dense population and frenetic circulation. The shops compete on the strength of their soundtrack, all mixed with the incessant honking and you’re in the heart of a huge mess. After Yangshuo, the contrast is striking.

The osmanthus meanwhile is always the actor of the landscape, here again it borders the streets and sidewalks. Lost in the city, the small trees mix with concrete buildings and the smell of exhaust fumes. I came to Guilin full of hope, the rain was more abundant at the north, but unfortunately the osmanthus flowers hadn’t bloomed here yet either…

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