Kenzo Amour, Kenzo

Les trois flacons Kenzo Amour

S’il est un parfum qui pourrait représenter à lui seul la diversité des beautés parfumées de l’Asie, il s’agirait sans aucun doute de Kenzo Amour. Une véritable déclaration aux odeurs asiatiques, un hommage comme il y en a peu en sélectif, Kenzo Amour rassemble les plus belles matières emblématiques qui font l’identité olfactive de chaque pays et finalement de tout un continent.

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At the heart of the rice fields

A few months ago, I was telling you about the fragrance of rice, this ubiquitous ingredient found in Asian cultures and traditions, but I was not talking about the rice fields themselves… No one can imagine the soft plains of Asia without viewing the unique sight of the green gradient of rice fields, a symbol of nature that is shaped by man and representative of the landscape of an entire continent.

The rice terraces in southern China; at the center of Bali; or in the northern Philippines, are impressive such examples. Some were created over 2000 years ago and thus reflect a landscape art that is part of the most beautiful cultural performances from farming peoples worldwide. The rice terraces also showcase brilliant inventions that man is capable of creating when it comes to meeting his basic needs.

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The fragrance of rice

Although there are many different fragrances throughout a continent, there are also similar odors that drift through areas with the same indescribable but immediately recognizable scent. In Asia, there is that fragrance that hits you within the first seconds of entering the region and I am sure evokes memories to all of you who have visited the continent. Containing an accord of flowers, spices and incense (with a tropical clammy bottom!), this Asian perfume is also undoubtedly composed of rice steam.

Rice is a ubiquitous ingredient in Asian culture, which is cooked in every house and on every street corner from morning until evening. From Japan to Indonesia, from India to Vietnam, that sweet scent, light and fluffy like a cloud, travels across the continent and across borders.

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