The fine Lavender of Provence

The fine lavender is the emblematic plant of the landscapes of the south of France. Perfectly adapted to the Mediterranean climate, it has flourished since forever in the rocky and sunny region of Provence. Its flowers release a fresh and light scent that has fascinated men ever since.

By distilling it, one obtains a refined essential oil which is included in the composition of the greatest perfumes. Following the path that leads from the flower to the bottle, we are going to rediscover lavender, a plant unknown and today threatened – whose perfume is inseparable from the landscape of Provence.

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24 hours in Provence with Renata & J-Paul Negroni

She is Russian and he is a pure Mediterranean, from Marseille and Corsica respectively. They are a husband and wife team and together they inspired the story of Concept Provence, an elegant collection dedicated to the benefits of body and mind.

In 2015, the couple settled in the south of France to certify a local production to which they bring particular attention. Each scent bottling recalls the charm of the Mediterranean way of life. The flower vine echoes to the aperitif, eucalyptus to the dry summer climate… Thanks to the quality, freshness and aesthetics of their products, Renata & Jean-Paul Negroni help sow a bit of Provence around the world.

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Lavender in Provence

“Lavender is the soul of the Haute-Provence. Upon approaching from Drôme, Dauphiné or Var, this land offers deserted landscapes, blanketed with purple and perfumes. In the solitude of the Lure Mountain, wild lavender stretches as far as the eye can see.

At harvest time, evenings are filled with scent… The colours of the sunset are the cut flowers strewn over the fields. The rudimentary stills installed near the tanks blow red flames into the night. Their toffee scented smoke is taken by the wind to enchant the sleep of those in the desert.

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Your scented travel memories: Provence

“It is difficult to locate just one favorite scented travel memory since I have been traveling and living on a suitcase for the last 9 years or so. Hence, apart being extremely lucky and truly blessed, I have tons of olfactive souvenirs that are just as timeless and important as that memento you bring home from your last trip. Therefore, I gathered that one of my best scented travel memories probably comes from Provence, where we live now, but that is still so far from my native Mexico.

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