Meet the tea pickers of Sri Lanka

The mountainous region, in the south of Sri Lanka, is totally different from the rest of the country. The lush green landscape, is enameled with jade colored tea plantations, while high-altitude forests are clinging to jagged mountains and streaked with waterfalls. The climate meanwhile offers a much cooler temperature, surprising in such a tropical country.

The road from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya climbs with a vertical drop of almost 1,400 meters winding through the plantations, we are here in the heart of Ceylon tea. Today, we visited the third largest producer; Sri Lanka is nicknamed, “The Island of tea” and produces one of the best varieties in the world. Estates, all British sounding, succeed and are alike. This morning, the dawning light reveals the most exquisite reflections, colors and reliefs of green plantations, shady nooks around factories or shimmering saris pickers crossed along the roads.

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The valley of roses with Ulili

Discovering the Roses Valley in Morocco was one of those trips that I had dreamed about for a long time… The Moroccan rose is a star ingredient in perfumery, so when Omar, the founder of Ulili, invited me to accompany him in this Moroccan High Atlas region, I literally jumped for joy!

Ulili Moroccan Scents is one of those small artisan brands that I am particularly fond of.  Manufactured entirely in Morocco, this candle collection translates with accuracy and affection, all the diversity of Moroccan scents. Each candle is inspired by a place, a raw material or a legend typical to Morocco, as a true declaration of his admiration and homage to this magnificent land of perfumes.

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Wild harvesting of baobab fruits

Seven hundred kilometers north east of Johannesburg, with the road winds around the baobab trees, is the small village of Muswodi Dipeni. It is a traditional village, typical of most in Venda, but it is here in the bushveld that flows into Zimbabwe that most of the baobab fruits are wild harvested for eco products and it is here where the lives of the women harvesters has been remarkably transformed.

Terres d’Afrique, south-african cosmetics brand, is deeply committed to ethical fair trade sourcing and wild harvesting uses methods that will not lead to a decline of ecosystems. Meet with beautiful Annah Mendela, baobab harvester and discover her story to inspire us becoming a conscious consumer a bit more every day.

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Visit to an orchid farm in the Ratchaburi region

Situer Ratchaburi sur une carteOnce you move away from Bangkok, the city is slowly replaced by a quiet and stereotypical countryside. About two hours’ drive from the tumultuous capital, we head west, to discover the Ratchaburi region, to meet a true empress of the plant world: the orchid.

Undeniably associated with Thailand, the orchid flower has always been a part of the lives of the Thai people. Adorning religious offerings and embellishing culinary preparations; participating in the art of beauty and well-being rituals, and decorating many public and private places. Majestic, symbolic and subtly scented the orchid has become, due to its presence, both a symbol and a source of national pride.

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