Meet with Marie Aoun

Ten years in fashion and a strong interest in plants and gardening lead Marie to naturally turn to perfumery. Trained in Italy, she is passionate about natural perfumery and particularly for the aromatic ingredients that are native to her country: South Africa.

Back in Johannesburg, she has created Saint d’Ici, a collection of natural perfumes exclusively produced in limited editions, without the fear of upsetting the traditional way of operating in the fragrance industry. She decided to only work with independent perfumers located all around the world, and to source her ingredients directly from small African producers ensuring the ability to promote fair trade and to minimize their impact on the environment.

This month, Marie unveils the very first collection of Saint d’Ici via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. A way to start the production, while offering her products on pre-order to enthusiasts around the world. Meet a daring and deeply passionate woman.

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Meet with Kate Crofton-Atkins

Kate Crofton-Atkins was inspired to launch Cochine when she left London and her job at L’Oreal and moved to Vietnam. Based in Saigon, she found herself so inspired by the city that she set out to design a range of fragrances that could capture Saigon’s unique charm.

Partnering with an international fragrance house, Kate spent time working with essential oils harvested from Vietnamese plants and trees in order to produce the perfect combination of scents to reflect Saigon’s intoxicating culture.

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Meet with Satori Osawa

Satori, born in Tokyo, studied Fragrance Design and Perfumery under Mr. Kenji Maruyama, and has managed her own herb and aromatherapy shop since 1988. Having opened her salon “Parfum Satori” in Tokyo in 2000, she now creates Haute Couture Perfumes, holds seminars and classes, and actively organizes events and joint exhibitions with glass artists and jewelers.

With her experience and profound knowledge in various forms of traditional Japanese art, such as “Kado” (Flower arrangement) and “Sado” (Tea ceremony), which she acquired diplomas for “Shihan”, “Chamei” as well as the art of “Kodo” (Incense ceremony). She creates original perfumes for Japanese clientele. She describes her approach to her fragrances as “Real Oriental”.

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Meet with Julian Bedel

Fueguia 1833 is a homage to Julian Bedel’s ancestors, naturalists and writers, who roamed the world and left behind testimonies to their singular and inquisitive minds.

Perfumer Julian Bedel has continued the tradition by identifying new native species to use in his art. While he does use classic French-style ingredients, he combines them with native raw materials sourced in South America. Harvested by local communities through sustainable projects and distilled under his supervision, he has incorporated some species that have never been used in perfumery.

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