Stopover in Perfumes #4: Incredible India

While our olfactory journey ends, continue to walk the scented lands of India.

Guerlain takes us first to Agra, to tell us the most beautiful of love stories. Shalimar celebrates the beauty of a woman who became mythical: Mumtaz. Opening with light notes of bergamot and mandarin like the voiles of a colorful sari, the scent of rose and jasmine interpret the delicate opulence of traditional attar sliding on a tanned skin. Saturated with sensuality, vanilla envelopes a woody amber accord, as dark as a jet-black hair braided to the small of the back. Behind this female portrait can be seen far in the distance, dominating in all its splendor: the Taj Mahal, the abode of love.

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Stopover in perfumes #3: Indonesian archipelago

Heading for the south, where the deep blue ocean is interspersed with small plots of land: the Indonesian archipelago tells one’s beads with its thousands of islands as an infinite pearl necklace floating over the sea.

Diptyque invites us to anchor to the edge of the atypical Java island. Volcanic land with fertile soils, this is where the androgynous Vetyverio comes from, dipped with mugginess and exoticism. The woody and smoky notes of Javanese vetiver mingle with the solar sensuality of ylang ylang flowers. His intoxicating heaviness is cut by a dazzling freshness of citrus fruits bursting with sunshine, enhanced by a spicy accord of clove and nutmeg. An exotic perfume that promises nothing more than a stroll through the Javanese plantations acclaimed by the call to prayer of the surrounding mosques.

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Stopover in Perfumes #2: Over the Mekong River

Our olfactory journey continues at the crossroads of Laos, Thailand and Cambodia for a cruise over the Mekong River. Onboard a traditional junk on the mythical river border of Southeast Asia, Parfumerie Generale accompany us as we navigate through brown water in a sepia scenery. Between evanescent dawns and sun-drenched days, Indochine reveals a fragrance with spicy hints of cardamom and Kampot pepper, exhaled as a precious cargo in the bilge. While orange red sails are being hoisted, the precious Thanaka wood mixes with Laos honey and the finesse of Siamese benzoin. An oriental composition, resinous and woody, revealing the dull and misty colors of this singular atmosphere that floats on the ochre river.

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Stopover in Perfumes #1: The Middle Kingdom

As is often the case our journey begins on the lands of the Middle Kingdom. The delicate notes of Mandarine-Mandarin capture the essence of the myths of Imperial China. Pushing the crimson gates of the Forbidden City, Serge Lutens tells us the fragrant story of the Emperor. All the accuracy of a refined tangerine note, dressed in a candied peel surprised by the intense accord of a smoked Lampsang Souchong black tea. A discreet appearance scent that reveals all its complexity while being contemplated, such as a traditional embroidered silk gown.

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