Your scented travel memories: Venice

“I arrive in the streets of Venice and the first thing I notice is the smell of mud that floats in the sunny air… It is not unpleasant, on the contrary, it reminds me that this city lives on the water, and that here boats are kings… I like this smell, which is actually accentuated as soon as you approach the lagoon or cross a bridge. Venice is an amazing city where one likes to either get lost or sail. Or both!

During a walk along the streets of this city, the smell of shoe polish calls out to me. It is not really the smell of polish as we know it, it is a shopkeeper who is repainting his facade, and a few minutes later, a man waxing the front of a kiosk. The sun seems to amplify this odor even further.

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Your scented travel memories: Sweden

“My favorite trips have not been the ones by 12-hour flight but rather our road trips to tiny cabins in the Swedish forest. And maybe it will be exotic for most people.

Sweden has so many scents. The salty cold air by the ocean, the scent of warm ripe fields, the thin “odourless” air in the mountains, the scent of a lake in a marshland… but my all time favorite scent is the one of a Swedish fir forest.

Ever since I was little I use to walk out in to the forest. It cleared my mind and released my soul. Even now when I feel troubled I walk out in the woods and the scent releases me. I cry in the arms of what comforts me the most. So let me try to describe you this indescribable scent.

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Your scented travel memories: Sicily

“I travelled last year with seven of my friends. We all met at university in London seven years ago and built incredible relationships together as friends. Since then, we have all been living in different places, so we decided to meet for a few days at Palermo, in Sicily. I just fell in love with that place and with all the moments we spent together there.

Palermo was beautiful; an absolutely beautiful mess! I remember the first day being in the bus and then in the taxi that dropped me to the house where we were all staying; it was sunny, with lots of light and it just smelled like many Mediterranean places where I have been: so good. It was a mix of the smell of hot roads, the sea, flowers and food. And that smell followed me all the time I was there.

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Your scented travel memories: Istanbul

“As I stood in front of the Blue Mosque, I knew in my heart that this could be the start of one of the many scented adventures I will embark on. It was the late summer of 1994 when my folks brought me to Istanbul, Turkey and of course, I was totally ecstatic when I got to know I would be spending my September holidays in a country I was most looking forward to. Mind you, I was only just 7 years old, so the thrill to visit a country away from Singapore was absolutely mind-boggling. Most of my siblings tagged along for the week-long break, exploring what Turkey had got to offer, with the exception of my youngest brother who was just a mere baby.

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