Your scented travel memories: Sicily

“I travelled last year with seven of my friends. We all met at university in London seven years ago and built incredible relationships together as friends. Since then, we have all been living in different places, so we decided to meet for a few days at Palermo, in Sicily. I just fell in love with that place and with all the moments we spent together there.

Palermo was beautiful; an absolutely beautiful mess! I remember the first day being in the bus and then in the taxi that dropped me to the house where we were all staying; it was sunny, with lots of light and it just smelled like many Mediterranean places where I have been: so good. It was a mix of the smell of hot roads, the sea, flowers and food. And that smell followed me all the time I was there.

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Santorini Olfactive Diary

While I was living at the other end of the world, I was sometimes (often!) dreaming of the Mediterranean. Yet familiar, she then took a taste of adventure, of escape and I liked to remind myself of its perfumes, which are evocative of a certain sweetness of life.

Santorini is one of those magical places that exists nowhere else, the white blue cliché of a dreamy and romantic Greece. Somewhat a victim of its own success, it nevertheless remains an exceptional place where you can stroll and enjoy the passing time. Like many places in the Mediterranean, the island has enchanted me with its smells and its more exquisite flavors. Since laden air from sea sprays to the scent of livani incense from the chapels, to the many fragrant flowers up to gourmet flavors escaping from the plates… The small island has kept its promises.

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