On the Himalayan roads

Founder Kavita Khosa establish Purearth as a social enterprise, aiming to impact positive social change involving women in India.

She conducted in-depth research and spent a year exploring the Himalayas from Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh to Uttarakhand to meet with dozens of NGOs, CBOs and grassroots producer groups. Kavita’s focus is livelihoods and income generation programs.

She conducted field studies reviewing the ecology and economy; the availability of natural and human resources; backward integration capabilities and constraints before developing Purearth: a premium, wild harvested small batch skincare and wellness brand.

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Meet with Kavita Khosa

Born in India and based in Hong Kong, Kavita Khosa is the founder and creative director of Purearth: a skincare and wellness brand that offers ancient Ayurvedic wisdom for a modern lifestyle. As a former lawyer, she has a strong passion for womens’ rights issues which led to the making of “Slave Brides”, an award winning television documentary on the exploitation of Indian women abroad.

Striving for a holistic lifestyle as a yoga teacher and Vedanta philosophy student, Kavita also established Sachananda Yoga Shala, a non profit yoga school in Hong Kong after obtaining her Diploma in Ayurveda in 2004.

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