The lilac season

As the lilac season has just ended, I realized how I have missed seeing this flower blooming around the city. For those who do not know, early this year marked my fourth expatriation. After spending three years in Asia and two in the Middle East, I am back in Europe and specifically in Berlin, Germany. A new adventure, which although may be less exotic, I must admit that regaining the rhythm of the seasons is probably the aspect that has pleased me the most.

Also during the past few weeks, I have truly rediscovered lilacs. Observing these purple, white and crimson bushes forming along roads and alleys, flourishing at the bend in a garden fragment that can be imagined behind a wall, and especially feeling its perfume exhaled in the quiet air that reaches your nostrils long before you are able to see any flower. Thick and light all at once, heavy bunches of flowers emit their fragrance as the wind comes to brush against them. I became drunk with this almost forgotten scent revealing a feverish joy brought by the spring that I had not expected.

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