The frangipani, flower of temples

Situer Bali et Jimbaran sur une carteLet me take you back to small but sumptuous Bali. This destination has already been tackled on the blog, but there is still so much to say; I was fortunate enough to visit Bali four times in less than two years (thanks to living within 3 hours by plane!) And I still feel the same excitement each time I arrive! The island, the sea, the Balinese, their smiles, temples and flowers … So I thought I should speak of a flower rooted in Balinese culture and well-known among perfumers: the frangipani flower.

Plumeria is a botanical genus consisting mainly of deciduous trees and shrubs, with contorted look, native to Central America and widely naturalized in Asia. Its common name “Frangipani” comes from a sixteenth-century Italian marquis, Frangipani, who created a perfume based plumeria (already!).

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