Meet with Marina Berger

Marina Berger’s love for maritime pine is above all a family affair. Her father, Jean-Jacques Berger, has worked for 40 years in the forest industry with his company D’ANOSTE, the French leader in the harvesting of pine cones and the sale of his seeds to replant the Aquitain forest.

The fabulous discovery of the benefits of oil extracted from pine seeds led Marina to create Océopin brand in 2012 with the ambition to create a cosmetic range combining nobility, naturalness and efficiency. The flagship active ingredient, Maritime Pine Seed Oil, is the result of ten years of research, hallowed by international publications, and which is now considered a patented global innovation for the beauty and health sectors.

Located in Cap-Ferret (France), and trained at the French Institute for Fats and Oils in Bordeaux, Marina ensures the marketing and development of the Océopin range, which today constitutes four products that are 100% organic and 100% made in France.

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Meet with Marie Aoun

Ten years in fashion and a strong interest in plants and gardening lead Marie to naturally turn to perfumery. Trained in Italy, she is passionate about natural perfumery and particularly for the aromatic ingredients that are native to her country: South Africa.

Back in Johannesburg, she has created Saint d’Ici, a collection of natural perfumes exclusively produced in limited editions, without the fear of upsetting the traditional way of operating in the fragrance industry. She decided to only work with independent perfumers located all around the world, and to source her ingredients directly from small African producers ensuring the ability to promote fair trade and to minimize their impact on the environment.

This month, Marie unveils the very first collection of Saint d’Ici via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. A way to start the production, while offering her products on pre-order to enthusiasts around the world. Meet a daring and deeply passionate woman.

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Meet with Maria Kambourakis

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, to Greek migrant parents, Maria’s 10 year career in design and communication gave her an eye for detail that ensures every Anouk Gania creation is of the highest quality, beautiful and functional.

Working with artisanal perfumers, she has created a collection of scented candles that pay homage to her Greek heritage (her mother is from Thessaloniki and her father from Crete) and at once transport and ground you to a time and place.

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Meet with Shaun Russell

Shaun is an English chap who fell in love with a blonde Scandinavian girl 15 years ago and never left. After moving to the region, working for a big American multinational and living between Copenhagen and Stockholm, he also fell gradually in love with the Scandinavian way of life – the focus on life’s small moments, the priority of family over career, the cycle to the office, the home at 4pm, the raw nature, the endless summers.

A few years ago, he founded with his friend Gerry, Skandinavisk a beautiful home fragrances range inspired by the scents of Scandinavia. They believe the absolute essence of Scandinavian lifestyle is right here – in the colour, scent, light and warmth of a flickering candle flame and a glow that not only burrows deep through the wax, but one which nourishes the soul too.

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