Santorini Olfactive Diary

While I was living at the other end of the world, I was sometimes (often!) dreaming of the Mediterranean. Yet familiar, she then took a taste of adventure, of escape and I liked to remind myself of its perfumes, which are evocative of a certain sweetness of life.

Santorini is one of those magical places that exists nowhere else, the white blue cliché of a dreamy and romantic Greece. Somewhat a victim of its own success, it nevertheless remains an exceptional place where you can stroll and enjoy the passing time. Like many places in the Mediterranean, the island has enchanted me with its smells and its more exquisite flavors. Since laden air from sea sprays to the scent of livani incense from the chapels, to the many fragrant flowers up to gourmet flavors escaping from the plates… The small island has kept its promises.

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Marrakech Olfactive Diary

Anyone knowing Marrakech can not stay insensitive to its scents. Visiting the Red City is a real sensory experience as every street, every corner is full of fragrances and flavors that stimulate the senses.

From Djemaa El Fna Square to the Majorelle Garden, from the Menara up to the heart of the souk, there is no moment without encountering a scent that can be delicious, seductive, intriguing or sometimes disgusting. The tart freshness of oranges, the soft fragrance of the rose and the intoxicating orange blossom, the woody scent of Atlas cedar, the putrid smell of tanneries, the sticky sugar of honey pastries, the ambery fragrance of black soap, the colorful spices pyramids…

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Kyoto Olfactive Diary

While Hanami is being celebrated this weekend in Japan, I plunged back into my collection of photographs, nostalgic for this Japanese custom; so much beauty and movement, which can be enjoyed every spring with the natural and ephemeral beauty of flowers.

Two years ago, during this particular period I discovered Japan for the first time. I had literally dreamed for years and prepared for months for this trip… but I can say today, stunned and moved by so much beauty, that it was probably one of the most beautiful trips I have ever been on!

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Mekong Olfactive Diary

With Chinese New Year being celebrated shortly, I realize that after having spent three years in Asia, I am going to particularly miss the festivities this year…

Two years ago at this time of the year, I visited South Vietnam to discover the Mekong Delta. While the Tet was celebrated, the whole country was decorated with glittering yellow flowers. The Mekong River, said to be the busiest river in the world, was a serene tranquility… Groups of water hyacinths meandered aimlessly along following the current, the roar of our boat’s engine, which was hardly heard in the silence, yet broken from time to time by the drumming echo of the Unicorn dance.

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