The Scent Hotel, Koh Samui

In southern Thailand on the paradise island of Koh Samui there is a unique destination for lovers of fragrance: The Scent Hotel. Created by Thai brand Karmakamet, The Scent Hotel offers scented products inspired by ancient Chinese recipes, combining aromatic Asian hospitality and history to create an unique hotel experience.

Passing by the hotel on the island, I had to put my luggage down and enter this evocative place as I was so curious to discover what this hotel of scents beheld. Opening the doors of this boutique hotel, a sweet incense aroma immediately transported me into a world reminiscent of another time when antique furniture, oil lamps, hot water bottles and murals abounded.

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City Guide Mumbai

A few months ago, Bunch Magazine team asked me, as part of their design issue, to share a creative journey that was for me a great inspiration; and probably against all odds I thought of my last visit to Mumbai.

Out of my comfort zone, trying new things, confounding by the unknown…. It’s always in these moments that I find myself the most creative, inspired and captivated by a new world. I shared with them the behind the scenes of my meetings with creators and local artisans, as well as some travel tips. So to give you a little insight, I thought I would share with you a selection of my favorite places in Mumbai.

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Your scented travel memories: Istanbul

“As I stood in front of the Blue Mosque, I knew in my heart that this could be the start of one of the many scented adventures I will embark on. It was the late summer of 1994 when my folks brought me to Istanbul, Turkey and of course, I was totally ecstatic when I got to know I would be spending my September holidays in a country I was most looking forward to. Mind you, I was only just 7 years old, so the thrill to visit a country away from Singapore was absolutely mind-boggling. Most of my siblings tagged along for the week-long break, exploring what Turkey had got to offer, with the exception of my youngest brother who was just a mere baby.

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It is midnight on a Friday in Tokyo. I am in the subway that connects Haneda airport to my hotel in Aoyama. Immediately strong smell of sake reaches my nose. I have just arrived in Japan and I am submerged in feelings of both impatience and excitement. For years, I had dreamed of visiting the land of the rising sun and it took months to prepare for my journey.

Like many others before me, I have come to Japan during the month of April to experience the renowned cherry blossoms. Following months of bare branches and fallen leaves, Hanami, as it is known, is a hugely popular time of year in which it is tradition to observe and pay tribute to the natural and ephemeral beauty of flowers.

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