Meet with Tammy Frazer

Since 2011, South African Tammy Frazer has carved herself a place in the fragrance industry with her very own perfume house, Frazer Parfum. She has set apart her brand by taking an antiquarian approach to the art, where she personally creates the perfumes by hand.

In keeping with developments in the luxury industry, Tammy has taken a ‘green’ approach to perfumes. She works solely with quality natural and organic raw materials from suppliers the world over including African farmers that she trains to cultivate untouched land for harvesting the best local ingredients.

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Meet with Marioara de la Tara

Marioara de la Tara bought Wild Olive African Artisans in 2007, initially to use it as a platform for education, for the Xhosa speaking people hailing from the Tranksei, who migrate to Cape Town. After arriving here, and only speaking their mother tongue, it is often hard for South Africans to find work, especially in the urban environment.

Marioara has patiently spent numerous hours teaching English and other skills including soap making, candle pouring and cosmetic manufacturing to those who today have become the Company’s strongest asset.

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