Meet with Thaniya Janeturakit

Inspired by her mother who started making beauty and spa products in 1988. From a young age, Thaniya developed a deep interest in scents. After graduating with a Master’s Degree, she dedicated herself to helping her mum and launching her own brand ‘Thaniya 1988’.

She was pushed by her passion and a deep desire to offer a new kind of aromatic product that fuses both ethnic tradition and oriental modernity. Her brand expresses all her love for beautiful scents, beloved nature and traditional art from Thailand.

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Le Piment Thaï, un goût et un parfum irrésistible

En déambulant au cœur du marché de Pak Khlong à Bangkok, il est un ingrédient qui attira mon attention plus que les autres par son omniprésence; se parant d’un vert sûr, d’un orange alerte ou d’un rouge carminé le piment thaï était de tous les tableaux. Inutile de rappeler la vénération des thaïlandais pour la gastronomie, qui fait de leur cuisine l’une des plus pimentées au monde et ce grâce à ce petit protagoniste qui sait surprendre le palet.

Importé d’Amérique du Sud par les Portugais et les Espagnols vers le XVIe siècle, le piment thaïlandais est aujourd’hui la seconde variété de piments les plus forts et les plus piquants au monde (après les habañeros mexicains). Par conséquent la consommation de piment en Thaïlande est la plus élevée parmi tous les pays asiatiques et probablement l’une des plus importantes au monde.

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The Pak Khlong Talaat market, Bangkok

In the early hours of the day, I lost myself on the edge of Chao Phraya, on the streets of Pak Khlong Market, the largest market in Bangkok. As the first rays of sun appear, the streets slowly come alive and exciting smells begin to awaken the olfactory senses of sleepy visitors.

Buds of jasmine, lotus, tuberoses, roses and bougainvillea mingle with mountains of orchids, towers of frangipanis and baskets of carnations. As I navigate the array of flowers, soaking in their thousand perfume scents, I see a woman sitting on a small stool wearing a colorful tight-fitting apron, her hands dancing with graceful dexterity as she prepares flower necklaces, baskets and various offerings. I do not know where to turn; everything is so beautiful, everything smells so good, there is an oasis of colors, and an overpowering fragrance that only such a unique myriad of smells entwined together can create.

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