24 hours in Singapore with Gauri Garodia

Born and raised in India, Gauri Garodia got into perfumery quite by accident, when she joined the fragrance division of Unilever in 1996, and quickly grew to love this fascinating medium. A few years later, she moved to the Unilever owned Quest International, before started Sensus Consultants, a niche consultancy company offering a full spectrum of sensory design services.

It is in 2013, with encouragement from her family and friends, that Gauri decided to formalize her long held ambition of launching her very own label Code Deco, Singapore’s first artisanal perfumery.

She sees perfumery as an elegant amalgamation of art and science. Gauri conceptualises the mood and personality for each scent, and translates these into detailed creative guidelines for her expert chemists. Her inspirations can be as far ranging as music, travel and literature, but never driven by market trends.

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Your scented travel memories: South East Asia

“As I walk towards the plane, towards my next adventure, the toxic fumes of petrol burn my nostrils and begin to give me a headache; but it’s these scents that also make me giddy with excitement as well as making me nervous. I have learnt to associate the smell with a new journey that is waiting for me just around the corner. Boarding that initial flight to Singapore was no exception. I could almost feel the adrenaline running through my veins as I took my seat on the plane, I was ready to face this whole new world!

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Mekong Olfactive Diary

With Chinese New Year being celebrated shortly, I realize that after having spent three years in Asia, I am going to particularly miss the festivities this year…

Two years ago at this time of the year, I visited South Vietnam to discover the Mekong Delta. While the Tet was celebrated, the whole country was decorated with glittering yellow flowers. The Mekong River, said to be the busiest river in the world, was a serene tranquility… Groups of water hyacinths meandered aimlessly along following the current, the roar of our boat’s engine, which was hardly heard in the silence, yet broken from time to time by the drumming echo of the Unicorn dance.

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Kenzo Amour, Kenzo

Les trois flacons Kenzo Amour

S’il est un parfum qui pourrait représenter à lui seul la diversité des beautés parfumées de l’Asie, il s’agirait sans aucun doute de Kenzo Amour. Une véritable déclaration aux odeurs asiatiques, un hommage comme il y en a peu en sélectif, Kenzo Amour rassemble les plus belles matières emblématiques qui font l’identité olfactive de chaque pays et finalement de tout un continent.

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