The San Giorgio, Mykonos

As the summer holidays are fast approaching, and I’m about to fly off to Santorini in a few days, I wanted to take you on a journey around Greece over the next few weeks to discover its perfumes. So, as an introduction to our trip in the Mediterranean, I am going to tell you about a hotel where I stayed last year and which still remains one of my favorite places; the San Giorgio in Mykonos.

I’m sure many of you have already heard about this hotel, but if you have not had the chance to stay there, you have most certainly seen countless photos of its interior around the web.

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The Scent Hotel, Koh Samui

In southern Thailand on the paradise island of Koh Samui there is a unique destination for lovers of fragrance: The Scent Hotel. Created by Thai brand Karmakamet, The Scent Hotel offers scented products inspired by ancient Chinese recipes, combining aromatic Asian hospitality and history to create an unique hotel experience.

Passing by the hotel on the island, I had to put my luggage down and enter this evocative place as I was so curious to discover what this hotel of scents beheld. Opening the doors of this boutique hotel, a sweet incense aroma immediately transported me into a world reminiscent of another time when antique furniture, oil lamps, hot water bottles and murals abounded.

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Yangshuo Village Inn

This small hotel is located in Moon Hill village, famous for its crescent moon mountain. We are only a few kilometers from Yangshuo, yet it feels like the end of the world. This traditional Chinese house is so charming with its typical decoration: wood and bamboo, red and yellow, celadon and a few antiques here and there make the atmosphere as rustic than authentic. Enjoy a dinner on the roof watching the sunset that colors the mountains, while the following morning it is in the garden that will be served your breakfast under the shades of fruit trees and osmanthus.

Everything is beautiful in this place, with a just and singular simplicity. Time gradually slows down to let you enjoy every moments, and your stay seems to be a celebration.

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