Meet with Kate Crofton-Atkins

Kate Crofton-Atkins was inspired to launch Cochine when she left London and her job at L’Oreal and moved to Vietnam. Based in Saigon, she found herself so inspired by the city that she set out to design a range of fragrances that could capture Saigon’s unique charm.

Partnering with an international fragrance house, Kate spent time working with essential oils harvested from Vietnamese plants and trees in order to produce the perfect combination of scents to reflect Saigon’s intoxicating culture.

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Meet with Elisabeth de Feydeau

Passionate about perfumes and history, Elisabeth de Feydeau began working as head of cultural affairs at Chanel and Bourjois, where she set up and managed the conservatory. Curious and determined by nature, Elisabeth learned about the ingredients used in perfumery through her olfactory training at the Laboratoire des Parfums.

Her qualities and knowledge encouraged her to launch her own consulting company specialized in olfactory and cultural development. Arty Fragrance redefined values, involved in olfactory design, communication and training for prestigious names in perfumery.

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Meet with Satori Osawa

Satori, born in Tokyo, studied Fragrance Design and Perfumery under Mr. Kenji Maruyama, and has managed her own herb and aromatherapy shop since 1988. Having opened her salon “Parfum Satori” in Tokyo in 2000, she now creates Haute Couture Perfumes, holds seminars and classes, and actively organizes events and joint exhibitions with glass artists and jewelers.

With her experience and profound knowledge in various forms of traditional Japanese art, such as “Kado” (Flower arrangement) and “Sado” (Tea ceremony), which she acquired diplomas for “Shihan”, “Chamei” as well as the art of “Kodo” (Incense ceremony). She creates original perfumes for Japanese clientele. She describes her approach to her fragrances as “Real Oriental”.

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Meet with Rifat Özbek

Rifat Özbek was born in Istanbul, he studied fashion at the Central St Martins. In 1985, he started his own fashion line ÖZBEK based in London, inspired by his cultural heritage, music, architecture and his extensive travels. Over the ensuing years ÖZBEK became a highly acclaimed fashion label with runway shows in London, Milan, New York and Paris

In 2005 after 30 years, fashion designer Rifat Özbek’s home became his primary focus and he turned his creative interest to interior design. Inspired by decorating his own holiday home and his continued love of working with colourful textiles and patterns he had the idea to produce a small range of cushions filled with lavender. Rifat’s inimitable design sense was immediately recognised and together with his partner Erdal Karaman they created YASTIK (Turkish for pillow).

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