24 hours in London with Emmanuelle Moeglin

In London, Emmanuelle Moeglin, the founder of Experimental Perfume Club, is in her element. The English capital has transformed this former perfume evaluator into a sponge molded by the encounters and dynamism of a city that never ceases to surprise us. Trained at ISIPCA, Emmanuelle worked for various major industry players in Paris, Barcelona and New York before moving to London five years ago.

In 2015, she imagined Experimental Perfume Club, a creation space, designed for creative people and all lovers of scents. Through her workshops, Emmanuelle demystifies the fragrance creation, teaching everyone how to use and reveal their sense of smell. Recently installed in a brand new studio in East London, the Experimental Perfume Club has become in only a few years, the inevitable place for perfumistas to visit from across the Channel.

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24 hours in Singapore with Gauri Garodia

Born and raised in India, Gauri Garodia got into perfumery quite by accident, when she joined the fragrance division of Unilever in 1996, and quickly grew to love this fascinating medium. A few years later, she moved to the Unilever owned Quest International, before started Sensus Consultants, a niche consultancy company offering a full spectrum of sensory design services.

It is in 2013, with encouragement from her family and friends, that Gauri decided to formalize her long held ambition of launching her very own label Code Deco, Singapore’s first artisanal perfumery.

She sees perfumery as an elegant amalgamation of art and science. Gauri conceptualises the mood and personality for each scent, and translates these into detailed creative guidelines for her expert chemists. Her inspirations can be as far ranging as music, travel and literature, but never driven by market trends.

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24 hours in Provence with Renata & J-Paul Negroni

She is Russian and he is a pure Mediterranean, from Marseille and Corsica respectively. They are a husband and wife team and together they inspired the story of Concept Provence, an elegant collection dedicated to the benefits of body and mind.

In 2015, the couple settled in the south of France to certify a local production to which they bring particular attention. Each scent bottling recalls the charm of the Mediterranean way of life. The flower vine echoes to the aperitif, eucalyptus to the dry summer climate… Thanks to the quality, freshness and aesthetics of their products, Renata & Jean-Paul Negroni help sow a bit of Provence around the world.

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24 hours in Penang with Josh Lee

We are going to ask perfumers and creators located around the world to take us with them to discover their native or adoption town; to unveil their favorite places, where they draw their inspiration from and mostly to let us discover the scents of their cities… So, for this very first edition, let’s go traveling to Penang, northern Malaysia, in the company of Josh Lee.

Josh Lee is an independent Malaysian perfumer. After training at ISIPCA and several years of experience in the industry, he decided to launch his own brand in 2012; Josh Lee Fragrances promotes through scents, the heritage of Malaysia and the richness of his culture.

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