The San Giorgio, Mykonos

As the summer holidays are fast approaching, and I’m about to fly off to Santorini in a few days, I wanted to take you on a journey around Greece over the next few weeks to discover its perfumes. So, as an introduction to our trip in the Mediterranean, I am going to tell you about a hotel where I stayed last year and which still remains one of my favorite places; the San Giorgio in Mykonos.

I’m sure many of you have already heard about this hotel, but if you have not had the chance to stay there, you have most certainly seen countless photos of its interior around the web.

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Tous les Parfums du Monde

This December 2016, Arte broadcasted a beautiful documentary series: Tous les Parfums du Monde (All perfumes of the world). The series takes us on a trip around the globe to discover four emblematic raw materials of perfumery, which are unfortunately today finding their existence threatened. Their cultural, economic and environmental importance makes us aware of the fragile environment in which they operate, but also the essential role to be played by the players of the fragrance industry. It is a superb, eloquent series, involving perfume and traveling; which I hope will lead to many more…

Throughout the world, the biodiversity of plant species is at risk. Among these species at risk includes the fragrant plants: many natural essences are now disappearing or denaturing, and with them is all the richness of the perfumes of the world that is also being threatened. Around the preservation of these fragile and unique resources, projects of a new kind multiply: they associate indigenous populations and great names of perfumery, ancestral knowledge and scientific expertise, sustainable exploitation and fair trade.

Thus, through these episodes, the series highlights a common problem to each precious plant: the threat of its disappearance and with it, the risk of disappearing original odors. And yet, these odors contribute to the memory of people, their history and therefore their identity. That is why, from France to Venezuela, through New Caledonia and Comoros, men are fighting to preserve both a part of their heritage and a part of themselves.

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The Scent Hotel, Koh Samui

In southern Thailand on the paradise island of Koh Samui there is a unique destination for lovers of fragrance: The Scent Hotel. Created by Thai brand Karmakamet, The Scent Hotel offers scented products inspired by ancient Chinese recipes, combining aromatic Asian hospitality and history to create an unique hotel experience.

Passing by the hotel on the island, I had to put my luggage down and enter this evocative place as I was so curious to discover what this hotel of scents beheld. Opening the doors of this boutique hotel, a sweet incense aroma immediately transported me into a world reminiscent of another time when antique furniture, oil lamps, hot water bottles and murals abounded.

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Travel Playlist // Fall 2016

To make your experience even more sensorial, for a long time I have wanted to add some sounds and music to the photographs and scents that I share here. To get over this hurdle was not easy, how to decide what to include, what defines travel music, how to combine influences without giving way to déjà vu… Finally, here is a selection of my most recent favorite electro tunes, thus remaining true to the music that accompanies me the most. Easy listening, in the background during a day at work but also perfect to take on the road, let it play while adding up kilometers both on land or up in the sky.

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