Your scented travel memories: Provence

“It is difficult to locate just one favorite scented travel memory since I have been traveling and living on a suitcase for the last 9 years or so. Hence, apart being extremely lucky and truly blessed, I have tons of olfactive souvenirs that are just as timeless and important as that memento you bring home from your last trip. Therefore, I gathered that one of my best scented travel memories probably comes from Provence, where we live now, but that is still so far from my native Mexico.

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Meet with Elisabeth de Feydeau

Passionate about perfumes and history, Elisabeth de Feydeau began working as head of cultural affairs at Chanel and Bourjois, where she set up and managed the conservatory. Curious and determined by nature, Elisabeth learned about the ingredients used in perfumery through her olfactory training at the Laboratoire des Parfums.

Her qualities and knowledge encouraged her to launch her own consulting company specialized in olfactory and cultural development. Arty Fragrance redefined values, involved in olfactory design, communication and training for prestigious names in perfumery.

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Your scented travel memories: Deauville

“The most recent olfactory memory I have come from the experience of visiting the emblematic Deauville, in Lower Normandy (France). It is a beautiful small town that faces the English Channel. Anyone looking it would appreciate its glowing charm. Every corner speaks of glorious and prosperous old times and glamorous present: the beach and the public pool, the harbor, the casino, the hippodrome, the Normandy Barrière Hotel, the luxurious boutiques, the charming bistros and the iconic architectural style… However, with the sense of smell, I was able to get immersed in the landscape and the soul of this place.

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Your scented travel memories: French Riviera

“I’m from New Zealand but now live in France, way down South in the Riviera. So I’m a long way from home in my travels and this new country is so different that I’m creating many scented travel memories as I discover new spots.

It’s a part of the world that to my eye is a gorgeous shade of blue. The sea and sky in summer are a beautiful hazy shade of azure. The light is different here too it’s muted and golden, not as vividly bright as New Zealand’s. Even in winter the days are blue, and if near the shore, framed with gorgeous leafy palm trees.

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