Meet with Shaun Russell

Shaun is an English chap who fell in love with a blonde Scandinavian girl 15 years ago and never left. After moving to the region, working for a big American multinational and living between Copenhagen and Stockholm, he also fell gradually in love with the Scandinavian way of life – the focus on life’s small moments, the priority of family over career, the cycle to the office, the home at 4pm, the raw nature, the endless summers.

A few years ago, he founded with his friend Gerry, Skandinavisk a beautiful home fragrances range inspired by the scents of Scandinavia. They believe the absolute essence of Scandinavian lifestyle is right here – in the colour, scent, light and warmth of a flickering candle flame and a glow that not only burrows deep through the wax, but one which nourishes the soul too.

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