The Scent Hotel, Koh Samui

In southern Thailand on the paradise island of Koh Samui there is a unique destination for lovers of fragrance: The Scent Hotel. Created by Thai brand Karmakamet, The Scent Hotel offers scented products inspired by ancient Chinese recipes, combining aromatic Asian hospitality and history to create an unique hotel experience.

Passing by the hotel on the island, I had to put my luggage down and enter this evocative place as I was so curious to discover what this hotel of scents beheld. Opening the doors of this boutique hotel, a sweet incense aroma immediately transported me into a world reminiscent of another time when antique furniture, oil lamps, hot water bottles and murals abounded.

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Meet with Thaniya Janeturakit

Inspired by her mother who started making beauty and spa products in 1988. From a young age, Thaniya developed a deep interest in scents. After graduating with a Master’s Degree, she dedicated herself to helping her mum and launching her own brand ‘Thaniya 1988’.

She was pushed by her passion and a deep desire to offer a new kind of aromatic product that fuses both ethnic tradition and oriental modernity. Her brand expresses all her love for beautiful scents, beloved nature and traditional art from Thailand.

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Ticket to Thaïlande, Gaspard Walter

La semaine dernière une lectrice, que je profite de remercier ici pour sa fidélité, me demanda d’où provenait mon inspiration pour écrire… Je n’ai trouvé meilleure réponse que de lui dire que je lisais beaucoup. Dis comme ça, ça semble très simple, alors pour mettre des images sur des mots, j’ai essayé de répertorier les ouvrages qui m’inspirent. J’ai dès lors pris conscience de la longue liste qui orne mes étagères: beaux livres, bouquins, guides touristiques, romans… Tous traitant de voyage et de parfum, parfois même les deux à la fois! J’ai soudain réalisé que peut-être ces ouvrages seraient aussi susceptibles de vous intéresser.

Alors au fil de mes voyages, de mes récits ou de mes découvertes, bref pour une fois sans trop d’ordre (ou presque), je vais vous faire partager mes lectures dans le but de prolonger toujours plus le voyage. Pas vraiment de types de livres, ni de styles d’écriture, encore moins de pub, simplement des coups de coeur: de beaux livres à exposer sur la table du salon, des romans à dévorer dans le métro et de supers guides à acheter en préparation de vos prochaines vacances!

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Coconut & Blossom sugar

Situer Koh Phangan sur une carteNot far from the famous floating market of Damnoen Saduak, on the road to Bangkok, for several kilometers the edges of the road boast the same landscape; Coconut trees line the road adding color to the route. Aligned in rows, piled in the sheds or overflowing dumpster trucks, the coconuts and their blossom display an impressive profusion, because we are in the area of coconut blossom sugar refineries.

Intrigued by this impressive sight, I decided to stop. Behind a small display of delicacies of every kind, a frail silhouetted woman dressed in blue overalls, welcomes us with a wide beaming smile. I could not have hoped for a more opportune encounter, she is a sugar producer and invites us to follow her into the garden that bypasses her house, to show us the plethora of coconut flowers.

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