It is midnight on a Friday in Tokyo. I am in the subway that connects Haneda airport to my hotel in Aoyama. Immediately strong smell of sake reaches my nose. I have just arrived in Japan and I am submerged in feelings of both impatience and excitement. For years, I had dreamed of visiting the land of the rising sun and it took months to prepare for my journey.

Like many others before me, I have come to Japan during the month of April to experience the renowned cherry blossoms. Following months of bare branches and fallen leaves, Hanami, as it is known, is a hugely popular time of year in which it is tradition to observe and pay tribute to the natural and ephemeral beauty of flowers.

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Meet with Satori Osawa

Satori, born in Tokyo, studied Fragrance Design and Perfumery under Mr. Kenji Maruyama, and has managed her own herb and aromatherapy shop since 1988. Having opened her salon “Parfum Satori” in Tokyo in 2000, she now creates Haute Couture Perfumes, holds seminars and classes, and actively organizes events and joint exhibitions with glass artists and jewelers.

With her experience and profound knowledge in various forms of traditional Japanese art, such as “Kado” (Flower arrangement) and “Sado” (Tea ceremony), which she acquired diplomas for “Shihan”, “Chamei” as well as the art of “Kodo” (Incense ceremony). She creates original perfumes for Japanese clientele. She describes her approach to her fragrances as “Real Oriental”.

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Kyoto Olfactive Diary

While Hanami is being celebrated this weekend in Japan, I plunged back into my collection of photographs, nostalgic for this Japanese custom; so much beauty and movement, which can be enjoyed every spring with the natural and ephemeral beauty of flowers.

Two years ago, during this particular period I discovered Japan for the first time. I had literally dreamed for years and prepared for months for this trip… but I can say today, stunned and moved by so much beauty, that it was probably one of the most beautiful trips I have ever been on!

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Meet with Miya Shinma

Birth and childhood in the city of Shizuoka, surrounded by verdant nature and pure waters. Studies in Kyoto, where the fleeting shadow of the grace, elegance, luxe and refinement of a distant past can still be felt today. Arrival in Paris to immerse herself in the world of perfume, which she discovered by chance and fell in love with immediately.

Dividing her time between France and Japan, Miya Shinma begins the creation of scented objects and customized perfumes at the same time she writes and lectures on the world of perfume. Later, rediscovering her roots, she creates Miya Shinma, a line inspired by the culture of perfume in Japan.

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