Your scented travel memories: Bali

“The Indonesian Island of Bali is only a short plane trip away from my home in Perth, Western Australia. The island is an olfactory delight of scent, hitting you from every direction. At passport control, the guards burn sticks of musky incense which perfume the air as plumes of smoke curl through terminal. Once you emerge into the sunshine outside, hundreds of taxi drivers stand chatting, smoking Gudang Garam cigarettes, which contain a huge dose of clove, which sends a sticky, sweet aroma into the crowd. Every hotel and villa has frangipani trees blooming in its gardens and staff place frangipani flowers on the pillows of their guests’ beds to welcome visitors. Scent is truly everywhere in Bali!

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Stopover in perfumes #3: Indonesian archipelago

Heading for the south, where the deep blue ocean is interspersed with small plots of land: the Indonesian archipelago tells one’s beads with its thousands of islands as an infinite pearl necklace floating over the sea.

Diptyque invites us to anchor to the edge of the atypical Java island. Volcanic land with fertile soils, this is where the androgynous Vetyverio comes from, dipped with mugginess and exoticism. The woody and smoky notes of Javanese vetiver mingle with the solar sensuality of ylang ylang flowers. His intoxicating heaviness is cut by a dazzling freshness of citrus fruits bursting with sunshine, enhanced by a spicy accord of clove and nutmeg. An exotic perfume that promises nothing more than a stroll through the Javanese plantations acclaimed by the call to prayer of the surrounding mosques.

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Bali Olfactive Diary

During each trip that I take, I like to capture in images every scent that I come across. My olfactive diaries, I wanted to share them here on this blog to guide you literally by the nose…

This selection of photos, as colorful as they are smelly, actually can be viewed as an olfactive pyramid: with colors for the accords, and raw materials for the notes… Fresh, bright and clear tones on top; sweet and usually floral notes in the heart that gradually evolve towards spicy deep and dark nuances.

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Meet with Denanda Satria

Denanda Satria was born and raised in Jakarta. After studying finance and accounting and working for a few years in England, he came back to his native Indonesia and realized that the highest quality essential oils came from his archipelago.

Amazed by their roles in local traditions, some of which are more than 200 years old, he decided to create Blue Stone Botanicals, the first 100 percent natural brand inspired by the old botanical arts of Bali and Java.

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