Travel to Terres d’Afrique

Terres d’Afrique is one of those brands that gave me the desire to create Scent Corner The Shop, due to its beautiful, natural, ethical and effective products, but most importantly because it is imagined as an amazing tribute to Africa. This is the story of Stephan, a man who is always passionate by nature and fascinated by the benefits of plants; but above all is a lover of the African continent; his adopted homeland.

His brand is a true declaration of love; to traditional plants first, which have been used for centuries by local people and are today eminently recognized for their incredible efficiency. But, it is also a tribute to the men and women involved in the cultivation, harvesting and processing of shea butter, baobab oil, marula or kigelia… Terres d’Afrique tells the stories of Annah, Ndoda, Selina and many others whose lives have been incredibly transformed and for who these products represent a truly hopeful future.

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Marrakech Olfactive Diary

Anyone knowing Marrakech can not stay insensitive to its scents. Visiting the Red City is a real sensory experience as every street, every corner is full of fragrances and flavors that stimulate the senses.

From Djemaa El Fna Square to the Majorelle Garden, from the Menara up to the heart of the souk, there is no moment without encountering a scent that can be delicious, seductive, intriguing or sometimes disgusting. The tart freshness of oranges, the soft fragrance of the rose and the intoxicating orange blossom, the woody scent of Atlas cedar, the putrid smell of tanneries, the sticky sugar of honey pastries, the ambery fragrance of black soap, the colorful spices pyramids…

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Meet with Tammy Frazer

Since 2011, South African Tammy Frazer has carved herself a place in the fragrance industry with her very own perfume house, Frazer Parfum. She has set apart her brand by taking an antiquarian approach to the art, where she personally creates the perfumes by hand.

In keeping with developments in the luxury industry, Tammy has taken a ‘green’ approach to perfumes. She works solely with quality natural and organic raw materials from suppliers the world over including African farmers that she trains to cultivate untouched land for harvesting the best local ingredients.

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Wild harvesting of baobab fruits

Seven hundred kilometers north east of Johannesburg, with the road winds around the baobab trees, is the small village of Muswodi Dipeni. It is a traditional village, typical of most in Venda, but it is here in the bushveld that flows into Zimbabwe that most of the baobab fruits are wild harvested for eco products and it is here where the lives of the women harvesters has been remarkably transformed.

Terres d’Afrique, south-african cosmetics brand, is deeply committed to ethical fair trade sourcing and wild harvesting uses methods that will not lead to a decline of ecosystems. Meet with beautiful Annah Mendela, baobab harvester and discover her story to inspire us becoming a conscious consumer a bit more every day.

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