The valley of roses with Ulili

Discovering the Roses Valley in Morocco was one of those trips that I had dreamed about for a long time… The Moroccan rose is a star ingredient in perfumery, so when Omar, the founder of Ulili, invited me to accompany him in this Moroccan High Atlas region, I literally jumped for joy!

Ulili Moroccan Scents is one of those small artisan brands that I am particularly fond of.  Manufactured entirely in Morocco, this candle collection translates with accuracy and affection, all the diversity of Moroccan scents. Each candle is inspired by a place, a raw material or a legend typical to Morocco, as a true declaration of his admiration and homage to this magnificent land of perfumes.

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Marrakech Olfactive Diary

Anyone knowing Marrakech can not stay insensitive to its scents. Visiting the Red City is a real sensory experience as every street, every corner is full of fragrances and flavors that stimulate the senses.

From Djemaa El Fna Square to the Majorelle Garden, from the Menara up to the heart of the souk, there is no moment without encountering a scent that can be delicious, seductive, intriguing or sometimes disgusting. The tart freshness of oranges, the soft fragrance of the rose and the intoxicating orange blossom, the woody scent of Atlas cedar, the putrid smell of tanneries, the sticky sugar of honey pastries, the ambery fragrance of black soap, the colorful spices pyramids…

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Meet with Omar Benjelloun

Omar Benjelloun was looking for a long time for a way to express his fascination towards the nature and history of his country. The meeting with the language of scents was a blinding revelation.

Omar was then introduced to the art of perfumery where for two years he undertook training courses at the Perfumery School of Grasse.

With his experience in design and advertising, he started the Ulili adventure in 2011, convinced that a brand of scents with Moroccan roots, yet demanding and passionate, could seduce people in Morocco and all over the world.

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Your scented travel memories: Essaouira

“The Art of Araar! As a result of the year I spent in Morocco (1999-2000), I am particularly fond of the thuja root scent found on the streets of Essaouira (Al-Suwayra, “the well designed”). On the weekends, we had a custom of escaping from Marrakech, the hectic Pearl of the South, to take refuge in the old Mogador. I enjoyed Essaouira because of its calm, serenity, the pretty white kasbah with blue shutters, and the freshness of the trade winds.

Here, it is not the flurry of spices or the syrupy smell of mint tea, but the root of thuja that is queen! Indeed, the inlay on the thuja root has made Eassouira craftsmen famous since antiquity. Everywhere, cabinetmakers are working, from the craft center to workshops nestled under the ramparts.

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