Your scented travel memories: Sweden

“My favorite trips have not been the ones by 12-hour flight but rather our road trips to tiny cabins in the Swedish forest. And maybe it will be exotic for most people.

Sweden has so many scents. The salty cold air by the ocean, the scent of warm ripe fields, the thin “odourless” air in the mountains, the scent of a lake in a marshland… but my all time favorite scent is the one of a Swedish fir forest.

Ever since I was little I use to walk out in to the forest. It cleared my mind and released my soul. Even now when I feel troubled I walk out in the woods and the scent releases me. I cry in the arms of what comforts me the most. So let me try to describe you this indescribable scent.

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Travel Playlist // Fall 2016

To make your experience even more sensorial, for a long time I have wanted to add some sounds and music to the photographs and scents that I share here. To get over this hurdle was not easy, how to decide what to include, what defines travel music, how to combine influences without giving way to déjà vu… Finally, here is a selection of my most recent favorite electro tunes, thus remaining true to the music that accompanies me the most. Easy listening, in the background during a day at work but also perfect to take on the road, let it play while adding up kilometers both on land or up in the sky.

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City Guide Mumbai

A few months ago, Bunch Magazine team asked me, as part of their design issue, to share a creative journey that was for me a great inspiration; and probably against all odds I thought of my last visit to Mumbai.

Out of my comfort zone, trying new things, confounding by the unknown…. It’s always in these moments that I find myself the most creative, inspired and captivated by a new world. I shared with them the behind the scenes of my meetings with creators and local artisans, as well as some travel tips. So to give you a little insight, I thought I would share with you a selection of my favorite places in Mumbai.

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Meet with Marie Aoun

Ten years in fashion and a strong interest in plants and gardening lead Marie to naturally turn to perfumery. Trained in Italy, she is passionate about natural perfumery and particularly for the aromatic ingredients that are native to her country: South Africa.

Back in Johannesburg, she has created Saint d’Ici, a collection of natural perfumes exclusively produced in limited editions, without the fear of upsetting the traditional way of operating in the fragrance industry. She decided to only work with independent perfumers located all around the world, and to source her ingredients directly from small African producers ensuring the ability to promote fair trade and to minimize their impact on the environment.

This month, Marie unveils the very first collection of Saint d’Ici via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. A way to start the production, while offering her products on pre-order to enthusiasts around the world. Meet a daring and deeply passionate woman.

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